Electric car from a robot factory. Now. In Sweden. Not tesla

    While some in the western hemisphere are talking about the need to deepen the robotics of automotive manufacturing and the future candy paradise, others in the eastern hemisphere have already started a completely “inhumanized” robotic factory collecting innovative low-cost electric vehicles for the urban environment without much noise and dust.

    Calmly and without raising a special information wave, the Swedish city of Landskrone has been setting up and debugging an innovative plant for several months. Not only the production itself, which is equipped with industrial systems from Siemens and KUKA corporations, whose equipment ensures the complete absence of a person in production facilities, is interesting. The vehicle itself is also curious.

    So, in early 2019, customers who have already pre-ordered on the manufacturer’s website will start shipping an inexpensive and small “city” electric car.

    What does he have?

    And he has it: a carbon body, two motor wheels, projecting data onto the windshield in the absence of a dashboard as such, the absence of a steering wheel and pedals in the premium version - and replacing all this with a special kind of joystick - and, of course, it is so heatedly discussed now autonomous driving functionality.

    Here is the manufacturer’s website: www.uniti.earth

    Once again: the guys already have fully robotic assembly shops, where a person, including briefly lighting, will drop in once every 22 hours - and leave the room again. Their electric car already lacks a dashboard and in principle there is no steering wheel and pedals. And all this is allowed to mass roads - otherwise it would not be officially shown at the recent Hanover Industrial Exhibition.

    And competitors so far only talk about reducing people in production, sometime, perhaps, the emerging autopilot (unclear degree of autonomy) - and start the production of sweets.

    In a fun time we live, right?

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