Not for people or the “watchman syndrome” in Yandex Security. Of money

    imageMany will consider this topic the voice of a hamster crying in the desert, well, let it be. It’s just not very pleasant when you think that you are dealing with a reputable company, but instead you plunge into another fertilizer.

    The situation is painfully simple and at the same time, it is probably unexpected for the average layman. I have a mailbox on Yandex, which I have been using for eight years, and a wallet that I have not used, tied to the specified mailbox. In the billing information I have a verified cell phone number. So, I didn’t use Yandex.Money (I specify, the wallet existed, but was not used, it kept the amount of 99 kopecks)Until last week, until I was aground and came up with, it was better to borrow 600 rubles from a friend who had funds only on his account. I saw the money on the account, the same moment, but when I soon needed to pay for mobile communications, I came across a notification “Operation is prohibited, contact support!”

    The support service informed me that:

    Account transactions on this account are temporarily suspended.
    For further examination, your request has been submitted to the responsible officer of the security service and financial monitoring.
    Please wait for the results of the examination.

    Unfortunately, the expense transactions in your account No. 41 ## 18 # 0 # 587 # are temporarily suspended to clarify the purposes for which you use the Yandex.Money payment system.

    To restore access to your account, you need to clarify why you are using the system . To do this, do the following:

    1. Fill out the form attached to this letter, indicating additional information on this account - any information confirming the management of this account, for example, how the money was credited to the account, or another.
    2. If you are in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can bring the completed application in person to the Yandex.Money system representative office. Addresses of representative offices are indicated on our website:
    You must have a passport or military ID with you.
    3. If you cannot come in person, you need to notarize your signature on the application and send us this application by registered letter at the address:
    119021, Moscow, PO Box 57, PS Yandex.Money LLC.
    At the same time, note that a notary attesting to the authenticity of a signature on a document does not certify the facts set forth in it, but only confirms that the signature was made by a certain person (see article 80 of the Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on notaries).

    Important information:
    - By post, the application should be sent only to the subscriber box, and by express mail and courier delivery to the address of the Moscow office.
    - Applications without notarizationsignatures sent by mail or courier delivery are not considered .
    - Applications from minors are accepted only in the presence of parents or when providing their notarized written consent to use the system.
    - The term for consideration of the application is 20 business days from the date of its receipt.

    Your application will be reviewed and, if technically feasible , granted. If the result is positive, your account will be identified if it has not been identified previously. Identification will need to be confirmed on the Yandex.Money website or through the Internet.Wallet program, if you use it.

    As we have already explained, in accordance with clause, clause 3 of the Agreement on the use of the Yandex.Money payment system, the System Operator has the right: Prohibit the User from any actions related to the management and use of the Virtual Account until the User provides explanations in the form established by the System Operator and their consideration in accordance with clause 10.3 in the following cases:
    3). occurrence of the System Operator at its discretion, the need to identify the User.

    Accordingly, our Security Service reserves the right (at its sole discretion) to ask for identification or clarification on the use of any user account.
    You accepted the terms of the Agreement upon registration by ticking the “Agree” box.

    Please note:
    1. Expense operations are suspended temporarily until a positive decision is made on your application. At the same time, all your money - both credited earlier and incoming now - is stored in your account.
    2. The decision to suspend expenditure operations is a necessary measure due to the fact that the circumstances of the use of your account are different from the standard ones. (yeah, I finally got money there, as much as 600 rubles damn it) . This does not mean that you are accused of something, but we need to receive comments from you. Unfortunately, in accordance with the requirements of security and confidentiality, we are not entitled to discuss this issue by e-mail or by phone. Hope for your understanding.

    And the phrase is clearly from a person, not from a robot:
    To restore access, you need to act as we recommended in previous letters.

    Unfortunately, there are no other options.

    As a result, in order to gain access to my 600 rubles (which are now held hostage by Yandex), I need to spend a comparable or large amount and wait up to one month. Stunning responsiveness in the age of information technology and electronic payments.
    Thank you, dear Yandex guys, for such a gorgeous pig. Of course, I’m Sam-Myself-Evil-Pinocchio, but in life there are different situations when you need to urgently pay for a mobile, but there is no money. At the service of your payment system, I promise not to resort to advising my friends.

    UPD A question for lawyers, is it possible to qualify this as extortion or the imposition of services? I look here a lot of sufferers ... Maybe we will draw up a class action? Incidentally, I work purely by accident in an arbitration court.

    UPD 2Dialogue with Yandex.Money representatives There is no dialogue, the guys talk about their corporate principles like robots and are not in a hurry for my specific client problem.

    UPD 3 We force the topic of release in Radio-T

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