VoiceCards.ru: Happy Victory Day for free!

    On the eve of Victory Day celebrations in the Great Patriotic War, Voicecards.ru holds a social campaign that has already become traditional. Portal users can send voice congratulations to veterans absolutely free.

    Thanks for the victory in the 1941-45 war. lives in the heart of each of us. And before the 66th anniversary of the victory over fascist Germany, we all think about how to properly say “thank you” to the people who have done so much for our country. The portal of voice cards Voicecards.ru offers the whole Runet to participate in a social campaign and thank the veterans on the eve of the Victory Day. From May 3 to May 9, 2011 you can send voice congratulations to veterans for free on your mobile or landline phone.

    Voicecards.ru partners can also participate in the promotion. A widget has been added to the Monetti.ru partner program for voice cards by May 9. It can be installed on your website and enable users to send voice congratulations on Victory Day.

    More than 8 thousand users took part in last year’s action. And now Voicecards.ru calls everyone - if you know those who fought or worked in the rear during those difficult war years, send them a voice card. Let's thank our dear veterans together!

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