VKontakte cancels the rating. Users are indignant

    In the VKontakte social network, a user rating system has been in place from the very beginning.
    A kind of scribble, God forgive me.
    Previously, the rating went up depending on the number of users you invited, but later the administration decided to monetize it. The rating has become possible to raise for money.
    Something about 7 rubles per 1 percent of the rating [while the percentage is not limited to a hundred, for some users of VKontakte the rating is estimated in tens of thousands of percent].

    Why is it needed? The higher the rating, the higher you are in the search results and the brighter the scale under your avatar.

    But recently, the administration decided to phase out the rating system.

    First of all, they banned the purchase of the rating [a few months ago].
    Then the rating, oh God, my God, has lost its golden color!
    This was the last straw.
    Among users, panic began. Hundreds of groups and wall posts with the headings “RETURN RATING!” Have flooded the user’s friends.
    It came to roem.ru , where Pavel Durov commented on the situation.

    In general, the cancellation of the rating is justified. Hucksters and scammers spoil the already brilliant reputation of the resource. But, on the other hand, people spent real money on raising him and he was not cheap.

    Any attempts to return the money will end with a reference to paragraph 7.4 of the site’s rules, which states:
    “The administration reserves the right at any time to change the design of the Site, its contents, the list of services, modify or supplement the scripts, software and other objects used or stored on the Site, any server applications at any time with or without prior notice. "

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