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Today we have good news for Yandex People Card users  . This is a service where everyone wants to draw maps of their favorite places: houses, roads, bus stops, parks, forests and everything else. To make the People’s map more convenient for drawing and searching for objects, we have prepared several innovations.

The set of objects has expanded significantly: schools, clubs, fountains, shops, restaurants, playgrounds - now available for drawing more than 150 categories most popular among folk cartographers. Most objects have their own icons, which are visible on the map, as in the picture on the right. These icons serve as landmarks and turn the map into a convenient atlas. Now, if you decide to map your favorite cafe, you can not only draw the outline of the building, but also indicate that the cafe is located there. It will be marked on the map with a cup icon.

The toolbar has changed on the People’s Map, the description of objects has been expanded. In the description of organizations appeared special fields for the phone, email address and site.

Drawing and updating maps is not only fascinating for participants, but also very useful for all Yandex.Mart users. The information that folk cartographers add is used to improve the maps now used by more than one and a half million people a day.

We invite you to try .

People Card Team


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