Published Russian translation of the CC0 Public Domain Instrument

    On April 14, the Creative Commons wiki published a Russian translation of the “instrument” (this is not a license!) “CC0” ( see a brief description in Russian , see the legal text in English ) with which you can waive your copyright and transfer the work into the public domain .

    CC0 was launched in December 2007 . Previously, instead of “CC0” there was a simple copyright disclaimer , but it was created to work only under US laws, while “CC0” was created to work all over the world.

    The CC0 tool is suitable for both content (text, sounds, videos, images) and software (The Free Software Foundation has recently included CC0 in its list of free licenses , CC0 as a public domain compatible with the GNU GPL).

    “CC0” works as follows: the author waives the rights to the maximum extent possible by law, but if this is not possible, then hedging is provided — then “CC0” turns into a simple public license that allows any use of the content.

    “CC0” works not only for copyrights, but also for related rights and for the rights of database compilers, i.e. CC0 is a universal tool.

    Popularly Using CC0 for Databases. For example, “CC0” is used by the British Library, CERN, Digg, Flickr, GlaxoSmithKline, the German Wikipedia, Open Library (Internet Archive project), the Dutch government portal ( which I talked about on Habré ), a couple of university libraries, and others (for example, a site with satellite imagery, genetic research projects).

    Interestingly, do we have any more or less well-known sites using "CC0"? Tell the sites from the BSSSR using this tool.

    I remind you that the Russian translation of the text of Creative Commons licenses can be found in this topic .

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