Innotech 2011 was held in Moscow

    On the anniversary day of cosmonautics in Moscow opened the 2nd International Exhibition and Forum "Innovations and Technologies 2011". It lasted three days and on an area of ​​five thousand square meters collected more than a thousand ideas and ready-made samples of innovative products from all over Russia.

    This time, special attention was paid to Gagarin's flight into space. The stands featured videos about satellites, the ISS, astronauts and life aboard the spacecraft. The key place in the exposition was occupied by the platform of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. She presented inventions of the widest range - from samples of the space industry to three-wheeled electric mopeds.


    In addition, much attention was paid to robotics. A variety of samples - from robotic complexes and androids to Eurobots and small manipulators collected by schoolchildren. At one booth, R.Bot, a development that can be used in a variety of systems, from high-definition video surveillance to robotic police, was presented. On the other is a simple manipulator assembled by a nine-year-old inventor. He knows how to distinguish objects and move them from place to place. On the second day of the exhibition, a demonstrative “battle” between two robots unfolded at the Eurobot stand.

    Interactive mobile robots R.BOT 100 recognizes obstacles, can move independently to humans.

    An analogue of R.BOT, a prototype is inexpensive up to $ 2k at the startup stage

    Notably, the robot was assembled by a 9-year-old child “Laboratory of Robotics”, Moscow.

    Among other interesting developments were presented, for example, lithium-ion high-capacity batteries, a fundamentally new energy converter, a special gas that can extinguish fires (by the way, it’s very important in the light of future forest fires), remote presence systems and many others.

    Also, the “Salon of Inventions” was launched as part of the exhibition - about sixty small innovative enterprises, private inventors and young scientists from various fields presented their developments. Among them, several projects will be selected and recommended to potential investors.

    According to the results of Innotech 2011, the Russian Venture Company, one of the organizers of the exhibition, plans to create a cluster fund for information and telecommunication technologies, robotics, mechatronics and intelligent systems. It is estimated that the fund will amount to two billion rubles.

    The Agency for Innovation and Development participated in Innotech with its own stand. We talked about our activities in the evaluation, selection, maintenance and implementation of innovative projects. It was nice to realize that our work is interesting to so many professionals in the innovation field.

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