Karma and Dawn

    Hello, again infernal nonconformist Matyushkin with his itchy karma.

    I am far from soliptically bending the universe into Klein’s torus around me, but my observations discourage me. The event chronicle is sponsored by the Zorya alarm clock.

    On the third day, I tried to press the send button under the freshly written article and met with a furious karmic rebuff. Speaking a little less pompously - I was sent along with all my intentions to where the trains do not go.
    The day before yesterday I published a note on this blog entitled “I am white and fluffy, but I don’t have enough karma” - and got about +40 for karma for skillfully begging (by the way, thanks).
    Yesterday I ventured to express my thoughtsabout calculating karma in a profile blog, noticed his own indicators, bought popcorn and sat down to watch how they start to minus me.
    About five (or so) in Moscow Habr lay down. At that time, I paid for the initiative of everything as a dime in karma.
    Now I looked again in profile. Everything is fine with karma, but my rating is about thirty points shrunk. I slightly heaved my hair at the back of my head and carefully checked all my notes and comments, for which you can still vote. They did not receive a single minus.

    So they finish karma in the administration. Well, we will see how they say in the historical homeland of Ostap Bender.

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