Yandex with the taste of Intel

       This can be considered an early April Fools' joke, but from today on Yandex a new unusual design theme has appeared. At least against the background of those such as "corn", this one is much more IT and looks bright in spring. You can use it even without registering with the service - click "Personal Settings" at the top of the site, select "Set Topic" in the menu that appears: On the page that opens, select "Intel inside". Save. Done! However, I just noticed that to select a topic, you can simply click " Intel inside " in the header of the site. The theme uses Intel's new visual style called Dienamic



    - you probably found out in the look of the search line “notes” of enlarged images of processor crystals - that Intel has been developing and producing every day for forty-two years now.

    Interesting for the sake of it, I decided to bring the main page of Yandex to mind - honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the customization options. So, for example, if before I was uncomfortable with the abundance of the proposed default information noise, now the first thing I did is remove all unnecessary. There were mail, a calendar of events, a Habré widget and weather information, a dollar exchange rate (without any oil prices) and a traffic jam indicator.

    I was unexpectedly surprised at the possibility of customizing the “Traffic” widget - if earlier the average score for all of Moscow was just shown there, now I have indicated the location of my home and work there, so that in one click I can evaluate whether it’s worth going to work or not)

    In general, do not regret a couple of minutes to set up - use it to the fullest!

    Good luck!

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