Hypocampo Geo Planner - Now With Yandex.Maps


    Since the first announcement on the hub of the Hypocampo geoplanner, several updates have been released, both with new functionality and with bug fixes. Many liked the idea, but Yandex.Maps was not enough for more convenient use. The latest version, 0.1.4, overcame this limitation and now, along with the geocoding provider, you can select the map provider (supported by Google and Yandex).

    So what else is new?

    Firstly, the interface for controlling the display of the current location has been slightly redesigned (compared to 0.1.3). Now the first of the three vertical buttons on the map controls the status of the location update (on / off), and the second button centers the map at the current (or last known when the update was turned off) location.

    Secondly, the service operation icon is now displayed in the notification area. It helps to understand whether the service is currently tracking your location or not (for example, because there are no active tasks or the service is simply turned off in the application settings). You can also use this icon to quickly launch the application.

    Thirdly, you can choose your own sound notifications (rather than using the system default as before).


    And what are your plans for the future?

    In the next versions, the following innovations are planned:

    - Support for the relevance time for both the task and the place
    - Web interface
    - Synchronization of the mobile client with the web base

    Where to get it?

    Download .apk
    View on Android Market
    hypocampo.ru - project news
    Follow @hypocampo_ru on Twitter

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