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Last November, we released the Yandex.Market app for Android smartphones. Today, a similar application has appeared for the iPhone.


Recall that the application helps to find favorable prices and receive more complete information about products. All you need to know the characteristics of the product and its cost in online stores is a barcode. Open the application, start scanning, point the camera - and after a few moments you see whether it is possible to buy a product cheaper and whether it has a webcam or a connector for the second SIM card you need as air.

We are constantly expanding the base of barcodes that the program “recognizes”. Now there are more than one and a half million goods. Most of the barcodes in the database belong to books.

If you can’t search by barcode or if it just doesn’t exist, the search by name will help. Or a new opportunity for the iPhone - the choice of goods from the catalog by category. There are six categories in total: Automotive Products, Phones, Electronics, Photo, Computers and Consumer Electronics.

In order not to postpone purchases in a long box, right from the application you can call the seller and order the product you like at the price that suits you.

For three months of distribution of the application for Android, it was downloaded 68 thousand times. The most popular products for Android owners are cell phones, tablets and laptops. I wonder if the buying preferences of the owners of the iPhone are different?

Download the Yandex.Market mobile application for iPhone and Android at: or by scanning the QR code.

It is important for us to know your opinion about the program. Leave your wishes, ideas and reviews in the Customer Reviews section of your iTunes.

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