41st edition of the Russian Full Circle Magazine

    Issue No. 41 - September 2010

    This magazine is dedicated to Ubuntu and open source. On its pages you will find news, manuals and tutorials.

    In the 41st issue:
    * News
    * Conquer and conquer
    * How-To
     - Python Program - Part 15
     - Virtualization. Part 4 - FreeBSD
     - Doing business with Ubuntu
     - Writing for Full Circle Magazine
    * My story
    * My opinion is Nero vs MPEG-LA
    * Review - TuxGuitar
    * Interview - Julien Laverne
    * Interview with a translator - Ricardo Perez
    * LoCo interview - Greg Grossmeyer
    * Letters
    * Ubuntu Women - Liann Ogasawara
    * Ubuntu Games - Gish
    * Questions and answers
    * My desktop
    * Top 5 - Ways to Run Windows Applications

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    Project page: http://fullcirclemagazine.ru
    Project page on ubuntu.ru : http://ubuntu.ru/fullcircle

    You can familiarize yourself with the individual articles of the journal in text form in our archive:

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    Note from the Translation Team: Currently issues 0–1, 20–41 have been translated.
    Will we translate the old ones (2–19)? Yes, we will. When? When I catch up with current issues.
    Thank you for understanding.

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