Internet Explorer 9 launched in Russia along with Mail.Ru, Yandex and a new game

    As you know, this week we released the final version of Internet Explorer 9 - just 11 months after the first public version. About the capabilities of the new version can be found in the official press release .

    However, in addition to international news, we traditionally cooperate with the largest Russian companies so that Runet users can use our browser as conveniently as possible.
    The largest Russian companies - Yandex and Mail.Ru , offer to download IE9 with their built-in services today.

    In addition, one of the features of IE9 is the function of attached sites, which allows you to work with your favorite site as a regular desktop application directly from the Windows 7 taskbar.
    For example, read mail on Mail.Ru or Yandex, chat with friends in Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Twitter, and even control the viewing of music videos on

    image image image

    Each of you can add this opportunity to your own site - and participate in the competition of attached sites .

    Of course, Internet Explorer 9 allows you to write modern applications in HTML5 and display them as quickly as possible to the user using hardware acceleration. Especially for the launch of IE9, JoyBits developers from St. Petersburg released an online version of their popular mobile game Doodle God.

    image image

    Each of you can test your own knowledge of web standards.
    You can also see all the materials of the HTML5 Camp recently held in Moscow .

    All information for users is on the Online Beauty website , for developers - on MSDN . Welcome to the modern, fast and beautiful internet! :)

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