Language will bring to London and Kiev

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Today Yandex has a translation service based on its own machine translation technology. The service is called Yandex.Translation and is able to translate from English into Russian and vice versa, as well as from Ukrainian into Russian (I’ve got a quick fix).

Like all systems of statistical machine translation, Yandex.Translation does not encroach on the laurels of literary translators, but is very useful in cases where you need to make a general idea of ​​the meaning of a text in an unknown language. However, the grammatical proximity of the Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​allows in most cases to achieve a very high quality translation. A little more details about how everything is arranged can be read here .

Currently, the service operates in beta mode. We plan to add new language pairs and, of course, improve the quality of translation.

Alexey Baitin and the Yandex "machine" translators group.

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