Yandex.Money: direct payment from a card

    Hello, Habr!

    Today Yandex.Money launched a service that users have been asking us for a long time.
    Now you can pay to online stores not only from your Yandex.Money account, but also with a bank card tied to it. And you can bind it online , without leaving your computer - no trips to ATMs are required.

    You can bind a card of any Russian bank, and to make a payment it is enough to enter the CVV / CVC-code of your card and the payment password in Yandex.Money.

    No additional fee for payment from the card is withdrawn.

    Map binding

    In order to link a card to your Yandex.Money account, you need to go to the bank services page (you can also get there through the Services menu) and select the "Link card online" option.


    After that, you must enter the details of your card.


    A small random amount will be blocked on the card, by which you will need to confirm the link. If you have activated the SMS-informing service, then you will find out the required amount from the message that will come to the phone. You can also look at Internet banking or just call the bank support service.
    After confirming the binding, the amount blocked on your card will be returned to the account.


    After the card is linked, in the balance block (in the upper left corner) a link will appear on the Yandex.Money pages leading to the card operation page. By clicking on it, you can always unlink the card or just read the FAQ on using the service.

    Card payment

    After linking the card, the form of the payment confirmation form will change.
    Now, after choosing a product in the store and going to our website, you can choose how to pay: from the Yandex.Money wallet or directly from a bank card.

    It will look, for example, like this.


    It remains to confirm the payment with a CVV / CVC code and a payment password, and you're done.

    Underwater rocks

    I will try to answer some questions in advance.

    What cannot be done with the attached card yet ?
    • So far, you cannot make p2p payments between users.
    • It’s not yet possible to replenish an account in Yandex.Money.
    • So far, you can’t pay to some of the stores (exchangers, VKontakte, PIN code stores and several more).
    As part of this service, you can’t bind several cards to your account. But, let’s say, you can have an attached card of Alfa Bank, OTKRITIE Bank or RosEvroBank (for example, for convenient replenishment of an account and withdrawal of funds) and an attached one . Thus, if you want to make direct payments to stores with a previously linked card of one of these banks, then it will need to be untied and re-tied as described above.

    Limits on payments within the service are 5,000 rubles per day and 30,000 rubles per month.


    But the service already has more real advantages than time limits.
    1. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, the commission for payment is 0% .
    2. When making a payment to the store, you do not need to enter the card details and be afraid for their safety. You specify them only at the time of binding.
    3. Payments from the card still remain protected by a payment password (or token / grid card, if you switched to enhanced authorization ) and a CVV / CVC code.
    4. All actions take place online - you don’t have to go anywhere.
    We hope you enjoy the new service.

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