Report on the meeting of St. Petersburg Innovators

    Since this year, our team (the organizers of the Club of Innovators ) has set a difficult goal: to make such events where words are not advertising, but useful information, where there is no place for the theater of false success or fake deeds, where the information is conveyed in an understandable way, where all are honest and open to new things. It turned out to be not so simple as it initially seemed to us and requires speakers of the highest level, so if you are just like that, write to us. And so, how did the first pancake come out ... 

    In frosty Petersburg, the first meeting of the Club of Innovators took place in 2011 (in general, it is the 17th in a row). What else, if not IT, could be dedicated to the first meeting of the year. The event was held on the site of the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg, which was kindly provided by our dear partner, a leading innovative university of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University ITMO .

    Despite the early morning of Saturday afternoon, 2/3 of those who signed up came to the meeting, and as it turned out, thank God, because the hall was already cracking at the seams. For all who came, we have prepared the most interesting information about the innovative life of St. Petersburg, new projects in the field of IT and some interesting reports.

    According to tradition, our permanent host, Kudinov Vladislav, was the first to take the floor and talked about our activities in St. Petersburg and beyond, as well as about plans for 2011, and in the end he invited anyone who wants to take an active part in the life of the Innovators Club ( I want to help you ).

    Then Andrei Dodin spoke about the latest news from the life of the Zvorykinsky project, which few people were pleased with. The project, which aimed to be the flagship of innovative youth activity in Russia, did not find a response among active members of the community, so in the near future most of the activity in the regions will be suspended.
    After a block of information and news, we proceeded to the main characters - projects. The projects turned out to be one more interesting than the other and caused heated discussion among the guests and experts of the Club.

    The first speaker was Gusenkov Konstantin with the SmartMark project - this is a system of copyright protection for images, which, according to the authors, has no direct analogues in the world, because the system allows you to determine authorship even after a significant change in the image (noise, rotation, size, ...). Then Denis Rystsov presented his development of the mathematical search “Uniquation”, which allows you to find the context of formulas and can be integrated into a standard search engine. The site is already working and is waiting for commercial implementation.

    Denis should stop separately, because he became the star of this evening, Elnara Petrova wrote the best thing about him in our tweet: “Denis Rystsov is a person with an ideal order in his head. He makes Uniquation - a search engine for mathematical formulas.” My formula search engine is the future, for the future to come true, someone must believe in it, so the future is me. "

    Andrei Nikolaevich Terekhov, too, did not ignore his speech and said very interesting words that would suit many projects: “I like this project as the head of the system programming department of St. Petersburg State University, but as the general director of LANIT-TERCOM, I I saw nothing interesting. Many young children create unique products that have no analogue in the world, but at the same time they very often do not think about whether someone needs this product. Before you start developing a project, try to find problems that people cannot solve on their own and are willing to pay for the solution, and try to solve them! ”

    Denis exchanges business cards with guys from Yandex

    Before the coffee break and informal communication, Statovsky Dima (by the way, a new participant in the team of organizers of the Club of Innovators) managed to make a presentation, who presented his project “EasyTravel”. The main idea of ​​the project is “business twitting”, which allows the travel agency to become closer to its potential customers. Given the overcrowding of the tourism market, such a service, involving a completely new approach to sales, can expect commercial success.

    After the coffee break, we planned a no less interesting action - the performance of invited speakers:
    Andrei Terekhov (professor, general director of LANIT-TERCOM CJSC, head of the department of system programming at St. Petersburg State University) spoke about some aspects of launching IT projects and uttered a phrase that immediately became popular: "There are plenty of smart people on Mat-Meh and we don’t have those who can sell, "and the survey confirmed Andrei Nikolaevich:" Yes - 25 (71.43%), No - 10 (28.57%). "

    Elnara Petrova and Svetlana Khorosheva (founders of NextMedia communication agency ) spoke about a new but very fast growing social media market in social networks, and what new social opportunities open up business opportunities. 

    Petrova Natalya Borisovna (general director of Patent Law Firm Neva-Patent LLC) held express consultations on intellectual property and, in particular, helped poor Vasya, who began working in an American startup without a contract and is now afraid that that he didn’t become their property, but remained behind him.

    Marko Žulj (specialist for marketing processes and creative advertising in Fresh Projects) explained why startups should try to do all their informational motives in the style of "purple cows." Just imagine you are driving somewhere in the woods, and you see a cow standing, not really paying attention - you certainly go on. And now another option is a purple cow. Startups should also make you pay attention to them, otherwise there is simply no chance of competing with large offices. 

    For dessert, Vladislav Kudinov talked about the new project from the organizers of the Club (we, too, are not only talkers, but to a greater extent startups (not to be confused with the elders)). The project is called “Next” - this is an interesting application for vkontakte, which will allow you to take a fresh look at communication through social networks.

    The meeting ended with an answer to the riddle from the previous announcement and the presentation of the well-deserved prize to Kirill Zhdanov, who was the only one who could guess it and earned himself an iPod. (answer, for those who are interested: "gentlemen whose talents deserve deep respect" -> Edgar Allan Poe ->  19-01-1809 )

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