Information about the Russian smartphone, sales start - April

    The Russian smartphone, an analogue of the iPhone, will go on sale in April 2011. Earlier it was announced that sales would begin in March, but the dates, for reasons not announced, had to be moved. The smartphone will be sold under the MTS brand in the company’s salons. The smartphone has found its name - MTS Glonass 945.


    Under the cut, details and specifications.

    The competitive advantage of the Russian smartphone is the presence of two positioning systems at once - GPS and GLONASS.

    The production of the smartphone is carried out by the Chinese company ZTE , which is well known as the OEM manufacturer of phones. I propose to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the device.


    • Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor with a frequency of 800 MHz (45nm).
    • OS Android 2.2 Froyo (market availability is not yet known)
    • Resistive display 3.2 ″ with a resolution of 320x240.
    • 2 megapixel camera.
    • GPS \ GLONASS positioning module.

    There is no data on memory yet, but judging by Android 2.2, at least it will be 256Mb.

    The announced price is 10,999 rubles, with such a price the smartphone has a vague future, unless of course MTS does not provide any specialized tariff for “our” smartphone. With a price of about 5-6 thousand rubles, the device would no doubt find its buyer.

    With a quick look at the characteristics, you can notice that the smartphone is decently late on the market, such devices have been on sale for more than a year and notice - at a completely different price, of course without Android 2.2, but it's not about the OS. The presence of a resistive screen of a small diagonal with a resolution not standard for Android further aggravates the situation; I doubt that anyone will want to use such a device for navigation.

    In the postthe devart habrachelka suggests that the smartphone’s render was already available on the network:

    xn__p2a the harelove man suggests that ZTE also releases the same smartphone for other operators, for example, for Vodafone (Vodafone 945), it is called ZTE VF945. Now it’s clear where the cherished numbers 945 come from in the name. An example of a similar smartphone from Vodafone without GLOSSASS, the price by the way below is Vodafone 945 .

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