Cyber ​​elegans project

    imageDigitization of the human brain is, first of all, the dream of everyone and everyone, it is a panacea for all the problems of mankind, because where there is a copy of consciousness, there is AI, and here teleportation, abandonment of wars, and any one, the most perfect and ingenious, are looming the mind can simply be copied, and not even in one copy. Perhaps, in this post I will omit moral, ethical and religious issues such as the existence and preservation of the human soul during similar manipulations of the human consciousness, and I will write about the Russian project aimed specifically at creating a copy of consciousness.

    Bit of theory

    The human brain, simplifying , is a huge number of connecting conductors that connect to each other in common nodes. It is through these connections that the electrical impulses that control us are transmitted (or we them, this is another question). And everything seems to sound simple enough - to digitize the GM cortex, it’s enough to just copy it all. But the human brain includes 10 ^ 11 neurons and 10 ^ 15 interneuronal connections. It’s hard to imagine such numbers, not just writing them to the media.
    But, for example, the nematode C. Elegans is easier with this. In addition, this worm became the first multicellular creature whose gene was completely sequenced (i.e., the sequence of its genes was determined).

    Perhaps this is why the Cyber ​​Elegans Project is currently operating in Akademgordka near Novosibirsk, the purpose of which is to simulate the nervous system of the C. Elegans nematode, including sensory cells. The model has already been created and placed in a virtual 3D environment with which it can even interact.
    And recently, scientists have become interested in the development of television .

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