The most "smart" children's watches VTech Kidizoom. How things really are

    The first phrase in the title, we made a direct quote from the box while maintaining punctuation. Indeed, this model of children's watches is positioned.

    Like everything really, we briefly tell inside.

    You should start with the fact that the “concept” smart watch is perceived quite clearly: a watch model that works in tandem with a smartphone. So most often.

    VTech , of course, does not have this opportunity. Yes, and what kind of smartphone “takeaway” we give to a child from 4 years old (4+ is the age from the box).

    The same is true of the term “Children's watches”. There is a well-established understanding that they should be able to: most often it is about the functions of a watch-phone with the ability to track the child's location, at least in the category of such a majority.

    VTech and this is devoid of. The question arises ...

    What does a VTech children's watch do?

    In fact, it turns out something like this: this is a children's watch, taking into account the design features, ease of construction, “colorful” design. And this is a smart watch due to the presence of additional functions, such as a built-in camera, games inside, the similarity of a pedometer tracker, etc.

    Is it good, is it bad, is it not enough, is it a lot?

    The watch is made of lightweight plastic, and is attached to the arm with a very soft strap. Despite the fact that they visually seem to be very large, they should not create inconvenience on a children's hand.

    They are enlarged by separate elements placed on the body: a speaker, a camera button, a Home button and a charging connector.

    The buttons are located on different edges of the case to probably avoid confusion. Each button is decorated with an additional icon, and at this stage everything is really simple and clear.

    The main one, the power button, is made in the form of a small lever and is located on the inside of the watch so that it cannot be switched / pressed accidentally. It will fit to the hand of the child.

    Buttons in real life have a limited, understandable number of functions. The Home button takes the watch out of standby mode and switches between the clock face and the menu.

    All other management is carried out already "in an adult way" - with a finger across the screen. In total, the watch includes 16 different menus with settings, games and additional functions, such as photo / video recording.

    For example, the menu "Active Activities". The task of the child is to set the timer and run as quickly as possible in parallel with the running icon on the screen. In the final, the number of steps that the child has run will be calculated. Similarly, you can calculate the "dancing" and "jumping.

    In all likelihood, according to the logic of the creators of this product, the VTech watch would have to become something of a unifying link for friends. In this case, the children could compete, who will jump more, run, etc.

    By the way, it should be noted that, despite the fact that the instruction is in Russian, and in general everything is pretty clear, but the menu is in English. So, probably, some comment from parents is required, because many children in English do not read English at an early age.

    Taking into account some features of watches, they can be recommended to preschool children as soon as possible. First of all, there are much more entertainment opportunities here, albeit simple ones, but still gaming.

    Programs that could be classified as study assistants are made as if “childishly”, with the addition of what seems to be excessive interactivity. For example, a calculator.

    He thinks he is working properly, but the process itself, with the choice of numbers and signs, is rather “game”. You must use the up / down arrows to adjust the value. 100 multiplied by 100 is already a process, in general.

    From the “adult” menu you should also mention the calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch.

    The clock menu includes 5 games. Among them, perhaps, the most recognizable will be "Tic-tac-toe". Remaining games:

    • Jumping egg. As soon as possible you need to get to the desired point, simultaneously collecting some gizmos. There are two formats of jumps, short and long.
    • Musical city. In the story, the musician scattered notes, and the child should collect them, poking a finger at them while they are poured from above.
    • Tic-tac-toe.
    • Super snowboard. The task is to help the cat to come down from the mountain, collecting fish.
    • Super Border Touching the screen, you need to jump to avoid obstacles.

    Egg Jumping

    Camera 0.3 mpx located in the upper part of the watch case. Thus, in order to shoot something for an hour you will not have to shoot if it is not about selfies.

    • Photo resolution: 640x480
    • Video resolution: 320x240 or 160x120
    • The maximum duration of a video file is 60 seconds.

    When photographing, you can impose "effects", or more simply, decorate photos with different frames. The photo can then be removed by connecting the clock to the computer - they are recognized as an external drive.

    A photo

    The easiest way to shoot is to press a button on the case.

    On the back side of the camera is a speaker, through which sound effects of the device are played, sounds of games or recorded voice messages are being played, etc.

    The VTech watch is available in several color options. Pink - definitely for girls, but the blue watch itself can be “optimized” to the girl version. Both screen savers and dials can be made individually. There are a lot of dials. They change by simple flipping.

    And it is possible to change not only the design, but also the format of the dial from digital to „hand“. To do this, simply click on the display.

    How does this relate to?

    This is a good children's digital watch. If the child suddenly wanted a watch, then the VTech model will do. This is not a clock that a child's parent chooses to control the location.

    The “adult management” is added to the entertainment features here, which seems logical, since children in general love to “poke” where it seems interesting to them. Plus, small simple games and photo / video recording functions add some interactivity.

    Children do not have a “Telegram”, “soap”, accounts in social networks at that age, so there’s no need for them to notify, and therefore it’s not easy to make smart watches for children. Probably, the version of VTech really fully reflects what they should be.


    • Display: 1.44 ", color touch screen
    • Photo Resolution: 640 X 480 (0.3 MP)
    • Video resolution: 320 x 240 pixels or 160 x 120 pixels
    • Video limit: File length 60 seconds
    • Focus range: 45 cm - ∞
    • Internal memory: 256 MB of internal memory (together with software, the actual amount of memory available for storing user content will be less)
    • Capacity: Photos: Approx. 1600
    • Video: Approx. 11 minutes at 320 x 240 pixels,
    • approx. 23 minutes with a quality of 160 x 120 pixels
    • Photo Format: JPEG
    • Video: AVI (Motion JPEG)
    • Connectivity: Micro USB 2.0 cable (included) for connecting to a computer
    • Battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery (the battery can not be replaced)
    • Optimum operating conditions: 0 ° C - 40 ° C

    The RRP supplier in Russia is currently 6199. For those who would like to buy a VTech Kidizoom, we can offer a coupon. With him the cost of hours will be 4700 rubles - RCD55GH .

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