Meeting of Petersburg startups

    Gone are the days when Lafater and Crebillon, Charlotte Schiller and Marie de Sevigne shone with a pen. Not in an attempt to compare with them in the art of word ownership, we publish this announcement, but because the relentless millstones of time, spinning with inexorable indifference, all bring closer the hour of our meeting. The inevitability of this event is as crazy to deny as crazy to try to prevent the roll of thunder by seeing lightning.

    So, the 17th Meeting of the St. Petersburg Innovators Club will be held on February 12 (Saturday) . The meeting will take place at the premises of the Council of Rectors, at Birzhevaya line V.O. d.4. We start at 12:00.
    What awaits those who come
    • We will start by introducing our Moscow partners who will develop the Innovators Club in Moscow with us, with our plans for 2011, as well as with the announcement of the launch of our new site
    • The presentation of the Club’s mentors and experts will follow - ladies and gentlemen, whose talents deserve deep respect
    • Then we will start presenting projects, this time IT projects will be presented, so if you have one, we are waiting for you with open arms. Format - 500 seconds for presentation + questions from the audience and experts.

    Here is the time to break off for a coffee break and start making friends.
    After the coffee break, a block of speeches and consultations from our invited speakers will begin:
    • Andrey Terekhov  (professor, general director of LANIT-TERKOM, head of the department of system programming at St. Petersburg State University) will talk about the pitfalls of launching IT projects.
    • Elnara Petrova and Svetlana Khorosheva (founders of NextMedia communication agency) will talk about who and how to make money on social networks, and what new social networking opportunities open up for business.
    • Natalya Petrova (General Director of Neva-Patent Law Firm Patent LLC) will continue express consultations on intellectual property.
    • Marko Žulj  (working as a specialist for marketing processes and creative advertising in Fresh Projects) and Anton Krokhmalyuka  (specialist in blogs and posts on IT sites (habra type), copywriter in Fresh Projects). They will talk about what are the difficulites on which new projects usually run up, what is target promotion, role of e-marketing, how to show of that your inovation is relilable even that is new on the market

    Again we will break for a coffee break and begin to attack experts with questions and get acquainted with mentors.
    • The final part will begin with the second stream of presentations of IT projects, and these projects will already pass the crash-test (7 minutes for presentation and delivery from the audience and experts)
    • In the end, let’s summarize: experts and mentors will express their opinion on the projects. And we give the iPod to the winner in the contest "The Best Idea for Club Development" , we will choose the winner the day before - so that you can still have time to take part in the competition.

    Participation in the Club meeting is free, but by prior request.

    In the same place you can register for other meetings of innovators:

    • March 5, 12:00, the 18th meeting of St. Petersburg Innovators, specializing in projects - IT and medicine
    • March 10, 18:30, 1st meeting of Moscow Innovators , specialization of projects - information technologies, new materials and protective coatings. This will be our debut in Moscow, so here we can not do without your help: if someone has an interesting topic for a speech, write to

    In this letter we hid a link to a secret message. The first who gets to him will become the owner of another iPod. A little hint: look for the date of birth of the author of the quote and go to our site.

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