Spring semester 2011 at Computer Science Club in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg

    The spring semester at Computer Science Club will be pretty algorithmic.


    V. L. Erukhimov
    Computer vision and OpenCV library
    St. Petersburg
    3 pairs, start: 02.20
    D. N. Moskvin
    Typification systems for lambda calculus
    St. Petersburg
    12 pairs, start: 27.02
    F. Fomin

    Saint Petersburg
    4 pairs, start: 19.03
    M. Babenko
    Linear programming
    St. Petersburg
    10 pairs, start: 16.04
    MN Sluggish
    Quantum Algorithms: Opportunities and Limitations
    St. Petersburg
    10 pairs, start: 02.04
    P. Braslavsky
    Analysis of search queries
    3 pairs, start: 13.05
    D. S. Perevalov
    What computer vision can and cannot do with OpenCV
    2 pairs, start: 17.02
    M. Yu. Khachai
    Theoretical Foundations of Pattern Recognition
    6 pairs, start: 03.03
    A. M. Raigorodsky
    Random graphs and algorithms
    6 pairs, start: 18.03
    M. A. Roytberg
    Analysis of symbolic sequences
    6 pairs, start: 21.04

    Spring Semester Opening

    The opening of the semester in St. Petersburg will take place on February 20 at 10:30 , in Yekaterinburg on February 17 at 16:30 .


    All lectures of the club are recorded on video and posted on the site. In St. Petersburg, the video is recorded by the Lectorium , in Yekaterinburg by Andrey Savelyev and OnWebinar . In Yekaterinburg, OnWebinar also provides live lecture broadcasts in webinar format. Read more: logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub/video

    About club

    The Computer Science Club was established in St. Petersburg in September 2007 with the support of Anton Likhodedov; today the club is supported by Anton Likhodedov (Deutsche Bank) and Yuri Bogdanov (Uralkali). The main goal - to provide students with the opportunity to get an education in computer science. Lectures are given by local and invited teachers at the POMI RAS (Fontanka, 27). Entrance to the lecture is free. During the existence of the club, more than a thousand students from various universities visited it. On average, about forty students attend a lecture, including not only students, but also graduate students and university graduates. The most popular lectures are attended by over a hundred people.

    In September 2010, a club branch was opened in Yekaterinburg. The club is supported by Anton Likhodedov (Deutsche Bank), SKB Konturand Yandex .

    useful links

    Club website: logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub
    Frequently asked questions: logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub/faq
    Methods for subscribing to club news on social networks: logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub/socialnetworks
    Useful links on the club's website: logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub/links
    List of international student schools: logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub/schools
    Photo gallery: logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub/galleries

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