Lua in Moscow 2019 conference

    On the first Sunday of March, Group’s Moscow office will be hosting the third international Lua conference, Lua in Moscow 2019. The program features talks by Roberto Ierusalimschy and the leading experts in Lua and LuaJIT from Russia and other countries.

    Lua is a unique programming language used not only in computer games, but also as an embedded language in such web-programming products as Redis, nginx, Tarantool, OpenResty. Lua is also used for big data analysis and scientific calculations. You can find Lua in many routers, printers and other devices.

    You are welcome to join, even if you haven’t been writing in Lua so far. We bet the conference will give you unexpected insights!

    All talks will be delivered in English, without simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

    Highlights of the conference program will arrive in our next post. Besides a talk by Roberto, the program will include talks by expert Lua developers of highload system, advertising engines, computer games and even nuclear power software.

    We look forward to meeting you at Lua in Moscow 2019! Come and join us for this exciting event.

    Admission is free, but don’t forget to get registered.

    Location: Group office, Moscow, Leningradsky prospekt 39, bld. 79.

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