Lua in Moscow 2019 conference

    The third international conference Lua in Moscow 2019 will be held at the Group office on the first Sunday of March. Speakers of the author Roberto Jerusalem and the best foreign and domestic experts on Lua and LuaJIT are waiting for you.

    Lua is a unique programming language, which is used not only in the computer games industry, but also as a built-in extension language in web programming tools such as Redis, nginx, Tarantool, OpenResty. Lua is also used for big data analysis and scientific computing, and is used in many routers, printers, and other similar devices.

    Even if you haven’t written Lua yet, come! Surely this conference will open your eyes to something new and interesting!

    All reports will be in English without simultaneous translation.

    We will talk about the conference program in a separate announcement. In addition to the report by Roberto, the program will include reports from experts - developers of highly loaded systems, advertising engines, computer games and even software for nuclear power.

    We are waiting for you at Lua in Moscow 2019! Come, it will be interesting!

    Admission is free .
    Registration is required .
    Address : office of Group, Leningradsky pr., 39, p. 79.

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