Wonder gadget. iPhone 3GS + skype video call

    The theme of Friday. Recently, Apple iOS 4 devices have the ability to make video calls via Skype. There is a front camera on the iPhone 4, but not on the 3GS. What business?! ... the Chinese thought. It’s inconvenient to stand in front of the mirror. And here it is a miracle, a miracle device from the country of the early sun. I see you.


    * DX pictures hung themselves from the influx of views. reloaded to another host.

    Here is such a thing. Only 10 bucks.

    I myself am the owner of the iPhone 3GS, I ordered it, I look forward to it. :)

    Link to DX

    PS Once again we are convinced with a friend, the Chinese are a non-drinking nation.
    PPS Post is not a topic - do not blame me. The device is really for geeks.
    DPS Thank you Mawerik for the video review found.

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