Links to Russian domains

    I apologize if this is not news for you, but it came as a surprise to me. Today I received an answer from Plato (Yandex Technical Support Service) to the question why one of my sites doesn’t count external links when they are. Answer - Yandex does not understand links like

    my wonderful site.

    I need to write

    my wonderful site.

    For some time, our number one search engine has been reacting (this, however, is definitely not news for anyone). I’m afraid that it’s very, very hindering the transition of Runet to Russian domains.

    Just received another letter from some other Plato. I quote:
    “I apologize for the incorrect answer in the previous letter. Problems with indexing Cyrillic links of domains in the zone. Rf should not arise. We’ll check why external links are not taken into account for your site and we will do our best to eliminate it. ”

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