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    What is it?

    Moscow ALT.NET - This is a Moscow community of developers.

    Stack - we love .NET, Java, Mono, Ruby, Python, C ++, Objective-C, Haskell and other languages ​​and platforms

    Audience - professional developers

    Venue and regularity - academic room in the center of Moscow, last Thursday of the month, in the evening (if any - suggest options)

    Format - OpenSpace, a report is being read (or a code is being written), an active and lively discussion is underway

    Our first meeting will be held on January 27 at 18-30 near metro Semenovskaya in HSE, Moscow, Kirpichnaya St., 33, audience 634 iCal


    18-30 Opening speech, acquaintance

    18-50 Unobtrusive JavaScript

    The report is devoted to typical issues related to the development of web forms and related JavaScript code, as well as the use of various js frameworks. What is it, how does it work in Rails 3. How can I make it work in your application and on your platform using ASP.NET MVC as an example.
    Speaker: Vitaliy @butaji Baum (Miscrosoft Consulting Services Russia)

    19-50 How to create a corporate solution 24/7 by example

    How to do it on .NET. The practice of isolation and improving the reliability of the solution. a) How exactly it is not necessary to do b) How it works with us.
    Six months without maintenance, gigabytes of data, FTP, COM, Network and other horrors - the flight is normal.
    Speaker: Yuri @frozen_space Veretelnikov (CustIS)

    * if you want to make a presentation or attend an event, please unsubscribe in our cozy google-group

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