In Moscow, again, small changes when dialing a number ...

    Three independent events encouraged me to write a tiny note:
    - my wife swore that the work phone was unavailable
    - my colleague was surprised that the phone suddenly stopped ringing at home
    - I see an ad in LiveJournal at a flea market: “ I’m selling a wired phone that’s faulty.
    It works only on incoming calls, it suddenly became impossible to call it. They didn’t drop, they didn’t drown. ”

    All three events occurred on January 10th. And it seemed to me that, as usual, few people recall that dialing city phones in Moscow, from January 10, became 10 significant!
    * when calling inside the code 495, dial 8-495-ххх-хх-хх,
    * when calling inside the code 499, dial 8-499-ххх-хх-хх,
    * when calling inside the code 498, dial 8-498-ххх-хх-хх ,
    * when calling from code 495 to a number in code 499 or 498, dial 8-499-xxx-xx-xx or 8-498-xxx-xx-xx,
    respectively * when dialing from code 499 to a number in code 495 or 498, dial respectively 8-495-ххх-хх-хх or 8-498-ххх-хх-хх,
    * when calling from code 498 to a number in code 495 or 499, dial 8-495-ххх-хх-хх or 8-499-ххх respectively -hh-xh.

    In general, on the one hand, an inconvenience for users, on the other hand, almost all over the world, to call a landline phone, you need to dial the combination "country code + city code + number".

    Yes, and of course - calls between the geographical codes 495, 499 and 498 are local telephone connections and are payable as local calls, depending on the selected local telephone tariff plan.

    The order of calling the emergency services 01, 02, 03, 04, the exact time service 100, the telegram reception service 06, as well as the information and reference services 09, 009, 007, 0669 has not changed and remains the same ...

    Update: thanks Cheese !
    Dialing is defined in the order of the Ministry of Communications No. 137 (paragraph 4) .

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