WebsiteSpark membership is completely free

    The Microsoft WebsiteSpark program allows web developers and web designers to obtain modern development tools from Microsoft, as well as obtain licenses for the development, testing and publication of works.

    Now the program has become completely free - the mandatory contribution after three years of participation in the program has been canceled.

    Due to the high interest in the WebsiteSpark program from web developers (now in Russia about 1200 small web studios and freelancers are taking advantage of the program), Microsoft decided to cancel the mandatory contribution of one hundred US dollars, which companies would have to pay after three years of participation in the program.

    Participants who are already registered in the program on old terms will also not have to pay anything - the fee has been canceled for everyone.

    Details of WebsiteSpark WebsiteSpark
    Website Program Registration

    1. Registration in the program
    2. Accessing Software
    3. Adding new members to the team and giving them access to the software
    4. Adding a report on created sites

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