Russian Motorola Milestone will not upgrade to 2.2

    As I recently wrote , I tried to find out on Motorola's Facebook whether the closure of the Russian branch of the company will affect the promised update of Milestone to Android 2.2. Then Motorola promised to "answer as soon as she can," now, almost two weeks later, she could (in the comments here ):
    "@Evgeny Trifonov In a small number of cases, due to hardware specifications, limited resources and the rapidly-changing Android landscape, we may not provide software upgrades on certain devices. We can now confirm that the decision has been made in Russia to not provide the Froyo upgrade for Milestone in this market. For any other customer support please contact contact T + 7 495 784 6262 - let us know if you have any further questions. "
    (the essence is in Russian: “In some cases, we do not update some devices, and you guys have just such a case”).

    In the comments I hope to see useful tips on installing third-party software on Milestone - I have not tried to get root or do anything like this before waiting for the official update, but now it would be very helpful. I will also be grateful for the information where in St. Petersburg it is easiest to steal a tractor.

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