"Bottlenecks" on the roads of Moscow

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The Yandex.Tracks service identified several dozen “bottlenecks” in the Moscow road system. These are such sections in front of which the cars drive slowly, and after them they accelerate sharply and move at high speed for some time. It is from these places that traffic jams often begin during rush hours. The video shows one of such places, a section of Volokolamsk highway in front of the Moscow Canal.

The largest bottlenecks that are relevant for rush hours in the first two weeks of October are shown in the diagrams: Please note that the routes on which there are dead plugs are not included in the list of bottlenecks - there is nowhere to accelerate on such highways. But where bottlenecks are noted, there is potential for improving the situation. All the largest Moscow bottlenecks with descriptions and diagrams can be found in our new study .

Good for you, without bottlenecks


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