Once upon a time I told the reader of Habrahabr about Cryptos , a unique cryptography monument located at the headquarters of the CIA.

    History has finally begun to evolve according to expectations! Jim Sanborn, the creator of the puzzle, told The New York Times on Sunday that the first 6 letters of the 97 unencrypted that are needed to unravel the last passage are NYPVTT characters. After decryption, it turned out to be the word "Berlin".

    Members of Kryptos Yahoo Groupalready on Sunday they tried to brainstorm the last piece of code in a 90-minute online conference. Actually, even this one word has a great meta-meaning, not only from the point of view of cryptography, but rather symbolism. The Berlin Wall ceased to exist somewhere in November 1989, exactly 1 year before the dedication of Cryptos to the Central Intelligence Agency.

    In addition, Sunborn launched a new site: Kryptos Clue , inviting everyone to propose their own solution to the puzzle. A large picture of the cryptographic code, just in case , can be taken here .

    NYT via Wired

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