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A year ago, we seriously updated the mobile version of Yandex.Market. And today we present you the Yandex.Market mobile application for Android smartphones.

The first advantage of the application is quite obvious - you do not need to open a mobile browser and enter the Yandex.Market address. We saw an interesting product in the store - downloaded the application, looked at the specifications, made a decision. Everything is as quick and simple as possible.
Yandex.Market, as a model consultant, will describe in detail the technical characteristics of the product, and share feedback from other customers. He will also tell you what any seller will keep silent about: where to buy the same product cheaper. If the price in online stores on Yandex.Market turned out to be significantly lower than the price that you are offered, you have every reason to ask for a discount.

If you couldn’t reach an agreement, you will still win: you can order the right product directly from the application by calling the store or going to its website.

To see information about a product, you don’t have to type its name or search for a model by manufacturer or category (although this option is also available) - just focus your phone’s camera on the barcode and the application will show you a product card.

The first version of the Yandex.Market application is available for Android phones. Download , install and share your experiences so that the following versions (including for other platforms) are even more convenient!


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