RF domain - All-Russian hysteria, jubilation of registrars

    More than 294,000 have already registered domains of the Russian Federation and the growth continues. During the first day of open registration, 240,040 domains were purchased. Until the end of November, I think the figure can reach half a million. (For comparison, in the su zone there are only 89,000 domains, in ru - 3.06 million). All normal words, the name of medium and small cities, all two-letter and two-character domains are already registered.

    PR flawed Cyrillic RF was a success. The first to buy government agencies, registering not only the names of their companies. Then cybersquatters set to work, registering trademarks for the domains they needed. The media and public organizations like the Vodka newspaper or the Yota N Open Independent Logistics Association (abbreviated ONLINE) went into action.
    When it came to open registration, a real meat grinder began. Registrar servers simply could not cope. The Ru Center constantly paused , REGTIME generally fell regularly, for others the situation was no better. The excitement is such that even those who were not planning to buy, and who were planning to buy up dozens and hundreds of domains, were buying. Commercial organizations are also forced to buy their name, according to the principle - if I do not buy it out, then competitors will take it away? The bulk buys domains they do not need, bearing in mind the success of the RU zone. Suddenly, after 5-10 years, beautiful. The Russian Federation can be sold for the same money as RU now. However, the most delicious domains are by no means given to these people.

    Most of all, registrars profited from registration in the RF zone. And more than other registrars - the all-powerful monster RU-CENTER .
    Let's see the statistics for the first day of free registration. 294,000 domains are registered. Of these, 49.5% went to Ru Center. This happened at the expense of our own facilities (two of our registrars) + a technical agreement with four other registrars, according to which they acted in the interests of the Ru Center.

    Name distribution statistics for the evening of November 11th. I think the distribution of forces will not change much anymore.

    RU-CENTER– 49.5%
    RELCOM - 14.8% (in the interests of Ru-Center)
    Hosting Community (R01-REG-RF and CENTROHOST) - 14.3%
    REGRU-REG-RF 7.2%
    ELVIS-REG- RF 6.2%
    NAUNET-REG-RF 5.5%
    DEMOS-REG-RF 3.8%
    NETFOX-REG-RF 2.7%
    REGGI-REG-RF 2.7%
    AGAVA-REG-RF 1.1%
    101DOMAIN-REG-RF 0.4%
    RTCOMM-REG-RF 0.1%

    That is, approximately 147 thousand RF domains have already been registered through Ru Center. Price for partners - 90 rubles. For everyone else - 600 rubles. Affiliate price was unexpectedly reduced several times a few days before open registration. My assumption is that the partners submit more preliminary applications and more domains go to the Ru Center auction (about the auction a bit later).
    The cost of a domain for a registrar, like in the ru zone, is about 83 rubles. Suppose that every second domain was bought by partners. Then the Ru Center received 50.71 million rubles from users. Minus the cost of domains, we get 38.5 million rubles! Good profit in 1.5 days?

    In fact, the profit will be higher - remember about the auctions. According to the regulations of the coordination center, the first to file an application, starting from 12-00 on November 11, registered the domain. For this, registrars collected preliminary applications from their customers.
    In theory, Vasya Pupkin submitted an application for Vasya.rf to R01.ru, which means that R01 no longer accepts an application for this domain from other people. Olya Sinkina filed an application for Vasya.Rf in Regtime and he also does not accept applications for this domain. At 12-00 registrars spam the registry of the focal point and whose application comes first, he is well done. Luck either Vasya or Ole.
    In reality, this is not so. Ru Center is a big fan of auctions. Allegedly in the interests of clients, he decided to accept many applications for the same domain, and register it first for himself. Due to its capacities, it was Ru Center who took most of the delicious domains. Next will be an internal auction among the company's customers. Prices there wind up be healthy! As a result, the domain that the registrar got for 83 rubles will be resold for thousands of rubles, and a number of one-word keywords for tens of thousands.
    Auction is an opaque event. No one has proved, but rumor has it that registrar bots participate in such auctions, charging higher prices. If the domain is not bought out by the winner or vice-winner, then it goes to the Ru Center open auction, for all comers already.
    In addition, even after the domain is sold at auction, the Ru Center will remain its administrator for another year! Because, according to the regulations, the Russian Federation cannot be sold / transferred during the year.

    Ragtime also excelled, actually failing to submit applications from its customers, began offering to buy domains of the form:
    The offer looks mocking. At Domenforum write, which does not just offer, but registers them without the knowledge of the buyer, whose application of the form DOMEN.RF he could not satisfy.

    I am sure that a lot of domains, registrars (especially among small ones) are registered simply for themselves, for further resale. This is our domain business, registrars are not forbidden to register domains for themselves in any quantity.
    The next zone that they are going to promote to the masses is .Moscow. If they allow it to be created, companies will make good money once again. The greater the hype, the higher the profits of registrars, the main squatters in the domain market.

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