If Vimpelcom wants to buy St. Petersburg Interzet, then I don’t want them to be sold

    News appeared on the Internet that VimpelCom wants to buy St. Petersburg Interzet. And I do not want them to be sold. I am now satisfied with the rates, speeds, service.

    When I wanted to get away from Vanguard DSL, I got hooked up almost on the day I applied. Late in the evening I left a request by phone, the next day I already had 10 megabits. And I regret that I did not go to them earlier.

    The provider belonging to VimpelCom was not even called back. Well, why the hell do I need this? To such a mess established after the change of ownership? So that I have a speed two times lower and costs two times higher?

    So that due to the abundance of customers the new owner would not give a shit about one to whom the Internet has fallen off?

    I do not want to feel the bastard attitude of mobile operators towards customers even through an Internet connection. Already fed up with your spam, which can not be disabled.

    I’m fed up with “services” connected against my will, which after a while become paid, although I didn’t give any consent to, say, shitty melodies instead of beeps.

    VimpelCom, hands off my provider!

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