Domain Name Registration Services Software

    REG.RU has prepared for its partners a new version of the REG.Panel distributed registration system . REG.Panel is a unique software developed by REG.RU specialists, which allows partners to create their own dealer network for registration and renewal of domain names. The system also makes it possible to serve end customers on the basis of its own website in automatic mode.

    Version 3.0 is fundamentally different from the previous one. It contains more than 200 updates and changes, many of which will be a technological breakthrough in the organization of resellers.

    REG.Panel 3.0 introduces new universal user interfaces, IDN domains in zones .COM / .NET / .SU, pre-order and order domains.RF. By the way, for partners REG.RU set a special price for registration in the zone. RF - 600 rubles. And all partners working with REG.Panel get the opportunity to take advantage of special rates in the .RU zone - from 95 rubles per domain.

    Also now, in the new version of the program, a greater number of domain zones are available for customers to order (39 + IDN). In addition, new services were added - VPS, Web-forwarding, certificates, an internal messaging system, news feed, a full basket, wholesale domain renewal, wholesale DNS change, as well as transferring a domain to another REG.Panel user and partial transfer of control to the REG user. RU. Particular attention in the new version of REG.Panel deserves the introduction of personal data protection methods provided for in Federal Law-152 (Federal Law "On Personal Data"), which will be presented to the company's partners in December this year.

    Version REG.Panel 3.0 is already available for direct partners of the company. Even if you are not a REG.RU partner, now you can get acquainted with all the charms of the system,Having tested it in the demo version,

    we, as always, will be glad to all feedback and suggestions, especially from our partners, for whom we came up with all this.

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