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Yandex search not only finds web pages. In addition to html-documents, in the search results you can see files of other formats, for example, .pdf documents or .xls spreadsheets.

Such a document can either be saved on your computer, or immediately open. But in any case, just a browser is usually not enough to view it. For each type of document you will need a suitable program. But what if it is not on your computer?

Now found files of common formats can be viewed using Yandex.

In the search results, the files look like this:

The icon next to the heading will help you to find out the type of file, the signature with the file size - to determine whether you are ready to download it, and the “Download” and “View” link - to perform the necessary action with one click.

Viewing documents opens in a new window and is implemented in the same way as viewing a saved copy, the interface of which, by the way, has also changed and become more convenient. Found query words are highlighted in the text, you can navigate through them using a special control at the top of the page. The document date is also indicated there and a link is placed for a quick transition to the original page.

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