New snippets for organization sites

    A new kind of snippets with additional information has appeared in Yandex search results. In the description of the organization’s website’s home page, you can see various parameters that describe the services it provides, for example, the type of restaurant’s cuisine, airport parking features or the availability of benefits for museum visitors.

    For a long time, such additional information was shown in snippets only for hotel sites. Now the following types of organizations have been added to them: restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and coffee houses, bars and pubs, sports bars, cinemas, museums, airports, fitness clubs and driving schools.

    It looks like this:

    Such snippets help users quickly understand whether their found organization is interested, and also highlight its official website in the search results.

    Detailed data on organizations has been collected in the Organizations Directory for some time . Until now, they have been shown only on Yandex.Maps . Now they are being transferred to the search. The base of organizations is constantly replenished, so over time there will be more such snippets.

    As practice has shown, the site owners themselves are also interested in such snippets. Since the launch of such a description for hotels, we have received a huge number of requests for replenishment of information about those hotels that were not well represented in our database. And now we invite owners of other organizations to share information about themselves.

    The data for the snippet is entered together with the address in the Yandex.Webmaster section “Site Geography” -> “Addresses and organizations . ” After the Rubric to which the organization belongs is selected, additional fields corresponding to its parameters appear in the application form. For those categories for which a special snippet can be displayed, there is a preview in the form of how it will look.

    If the organization has branches, each of them can have its own parameters that will be shown in the snippet of the branch page. In the snippet of the main page of the network site, the same parameters are selected for most branches. It looks something like this . You can find out more about the procedure for adding organizations in the corresponding help section .

    Detailed information can be transmitted not only for the listed types of organizations - Yandex.Mart users will see it. And over time, snippets will appear for new headings. Tell us about your organization!

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