Online version of Seesu with VKontakte Open API and mp3 search by soundcloud

    Sisu is another small application for conveniently searching and listening to music. The combination of, vkontakte, and also recently soundcloud . Written in html / css / js.

    Since the last post on the system’s hub, I have not only launched the project’s website , but also thanks to the VKontakte API , an online version that works not only on the desktop, but also on mobile: Android, iPhone, iPad and Opera Mini are tested (it only works soundcloud). Moreover, it works in multitasking mode on iPhones (including iPhone 3g, which basically does not have multitasking). In addition to the online version, there is a widget for opera, an extension for chrome and a widget for apple dashboard.


    The interface is only optimized for small screens, but by and large it is not yet designed for them.

    Among such innovations as browsing, priority loading of tracks, search on soundcloud (which are available only in the online version so far) and tons of various little things, I consider the main innovation “increase to the level of the track”.

    I want to remind you that the sisu interface is built on the basis of such “ Raskin ” whales as the search and presentation of objects in the interface as scalable .

    Thus, the search query is expanded to search results. The search result is expanded to a playlist. And the track in the playlist is expanded to a detailed description of it. The innovation “increase to the level of the track” allows not only to normally show buttons for a given track, but also to display material contextually for a given track. For example, photos, videos, or similar tracks within the Raskin model of a scalable interface.

    The main plus to Sisu is an excellent search, the main minus is the lack of playlists.

    In the nearest future:
    • Sugest Search for Soundcloud Tracks
    • playlists
    • favorite tracks
    • video for YouTube tracks

    The code as usual is available here -

    widget for opera:
    test widget for Apple dashboard -
    extension for chrome -
    online version - Firefox

    extensions for launching opera widgets - /

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