13th anniversary of Yandex - Day of rejection of prejudice

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We are thirteen!

So what? We are not superstitious, so September 23 is again celebrating Yandex's birthday . And this year, since it happened, they came up with a new holiday for you - Day of rejection of prejudice.

Briefly about the number itself. It is everywhere, no matter what you grab. And no one is afraid.

Here are just a few examples. Yandex has seven floors in its head office. But, if you think about it, the sixth and seventh floors are actually the thirteenth. And isn’t it scary?

At any time, on Yandex coffee points you can find 13 cups, 13 tea bags, 13 coffee beans, 13 teaspoons. Sometimes grapes are in clusters of 13. And again, no one is afraid. Although everyone knows how to count.

Thirteen Yandex cars contain the number 13 in their license plates (we discovered this by accident just the day before yesterday, but no one was afraid either).

The thirteenth tale of Yandex (do you still remember these tales?) Was called “ Magic of numbers ”, it said that the number “13” is in 23rd place in popularity and does not stand out from the series “16”, “14”, “ 17 ”to“ 13 ”and“ 18 ”,“ 19 ”,“ 30 ”- after. That is - well, a number and a number. Nothing special.

The thirteenth (in the order of admission) employee still works at Yandex and does not know that he is the thirteenth. And let's say we tell him - scared? Funny even.

Any Yandex employee can recall at least thirteen Yandex services from memory. There is nothing to worry about.

And most importantly (it should sounddisturbing music ): once a day, all hours in all Yandex offices show 13 hours. In California, though, 13.00 is 1.00 pm, but people understand everything and are not at all afraid. No fear at all. Really not!

Therefore, let's do this: at least once a year we spit on black cats (in the sense - we are not afraid of them) and celebrate someone's thirteenth birthday. This year - Yandex.

And in order to get used to not being afraid, you can set a festive theme on your home page .

Party responsible for the holiday, total 13 people

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