There are traffic jams in the city, and I'm going ...

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Autumn has come, the season of business activity has begun, and with it the activity of motorists on the roads, which is very noticeable in the traffic situation. For example, in Moscow, from the beginning of August to the beginning of September, the average cork mark increased one and a half times — all motorists felt this. And although after the first difficult week (on August 31 in the evening, traffic jams were kept at 8 points), traffic congestion fell, the problem of traffic jams in the city remains acute.

For those Muscovites who do not want to stand in traffic jams, we published Yandex.Maps stopping ground transportation . Now, when you go to the other end of Moscow, it will be easier for you to understand what kind of transport goes there and how to get from the metro. To see the stops, just zoom in on the map to a detailed scale and click on the icon of the stop you need.

And if you want to find out exactly where the stop is located, click on the link “see the nearest panorama”.

By the way, September 22 is the International Day without a car. If on this day you decide to go to work without a car, public transport stops on the map will be useful to you. 

Do not get lost.

Leonid Mednikov. Wednesday without a car :-)


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