SICP is now in Russian! Part three

    Translation of the third lecture from the course “Structure of Interpretation of Computer Programs”.

    This is the most famous programming course in 25 years; since 1980 it has been read at MIT, and more recently something similar has been read at Berkeley.

    The course has replaced teachers and even the Scheme programming language in Python (in my opinion, completely in vain), and yet the information that is given in this course remains archival up to date at any time. I would compare this course with something very fundamental and important for programmers, such as mathematics or theory of algorithms.

    I would very much like for programming in our country to be taught this way.

    Happy viewing!

    look at Yandex video:

    link to the tracker, there are all the translated lectures and a book in Russian:

    look for previous lectures in this direction:

    UPD I translated three lectures and came to the conclusion that this work is not very popular here, and it takes a lot of time and energy, so I stop translating SICP, at least to an indefinite time, I will deal with other translations, possibly more interesting for you. In the near future I intend to complete the translation of Feynman.

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