Traffic from Yandex.Direct: load visitors cent

    Is it possible to bring many interested visitors from Direct at 30 kopecks per visitor? It is possible and necessary, especially if your resource is just on its feet and you need to quickly and inexpensively bring interested people to the site.

    This is a step-by-step guide for those who want to know which side of Yandex.Direct (on completely legitimate, by the way, reasons) to attract inexpensive traffic at 0.01 cu or 30 cents per transition.


    Those who tried to conduct one-cent campaigns know that Yandex does not like to provide all kinds of “free riders” with their advertising space. It is bad to set up the RK and get a low CTR, as a Domocles sword falls on your campaign, raising the minimum search price (MCC) for the domain as a whole. One-cent RK is walking along the blade of a knife, any improper action and the MCC soars up, depriving your one-cent broadcast announcement on search and as a result of tasty and cheap traffic, leaving us pathetic scraps from YAN. I must say that webmasters are no less “fond of” centents and many of them are frenziedly blocking such ads on their sites. Thus, over time, you run the risk of remaining completely without tasty traffic.

    One-cent traffic is ideal for any startup-service-forums, entertainment and news sites with a clear model of existing or planned monetization. In general, one-cent traffic from Direct can theoretically be received in any subject. But you need to be realistic - an attempt to get low-cost traffic, say, in the topic of legal services will turn out to be unprofitable (except for the slippery Temka “free legal advice”) - you will have to spend a week setting up the Republic of Kazakhstan, and you will receive traffic per hour on a teaspoon, and conversion will be ten times worse than in classic RK. If you want to get customers in such subjects - you need to go along the beaten track - butting with competitors for the best places.

    Chased. A priori, we believe that initially we can pay up to 0.05 cu per click with a subsequent decrease.


    We have a certain site - a platform for announcements of agricultural topics with an easy and simple monetization model - paid placement of our ads and reading contact details - in strangers. Payment via SMS. Net profit from one SMS - 30 rubles. You don’t need to be a mathematician to understand: to get a positive ROI, we need one-cent traffic with a conversion of at least 1%. Wonderful. This is our minimum task.

    Question: how to correctly configure and conduct a “one-cent” Kazakhstan in Yandex Direct?

    Step 1. We select the words

    Rule number 1 in the selection of words - do not chase RF queries! By definition, any RF request carries a lot of thematic noise compared to the midrange. As a result, keeping an acceptable CTR for 10 derivative phrases with a frequency of 1000 per month is much easier than keeping the same CTR for the first source phrase with a frequency of 10,000 per month. Show ads in the wrong place and the wrong people - an impermissible luxury with our budget, we will be frank.

    For beginners, it is optimal to focus on the figure of 100-2000 impressions per month. It is possible and less, but only if you have an unlimited amount of free time to set up and manage all this low-frequency household plots.

    We go to and poking around in requests. We are looking for the most banal and most incredible key phrases that will be interesting to our audience. Among them, sometimes inconceivable words and sentences come across: purchase in full.

    We take away the request of the top level “grain” and plow the field ...

    When there is confidence that there is nothing left, we take the next word from our agricultural subject.

    Hint . If the semantic core is similar in all directions - you can not torment the wordstat. To activate the time saving cheat, press Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-H, in “Find” write Grain in “Replace” write Flour. Then we will do exactly the same for queries “wheat”, “buckwheat”, “sunflower”, etc. according to the reference book of crops.

    Next, add typos, spelling errors, slang and all that is enough for our violent imagination. Wheat, parsun, chopping etc. And don’t think that in your topic the whole audience speaks and writes perfect Russian - the Wordstat will easily convince you of this.

    Step 2. Sift the words.

    We take our footcloth out of requests, add it and drive it into the “estimate of the budget of the advertising campaign” (Yandex predictor). In parallel, comb the queries. We turn off requests with a forecasted number of impressions of 0 (zero), because there is no point in wasting time on them. Requests with predictive impressions over 2000 are split up. Queries with the forecast for entering the guarantee 0.05-0.2 are quoted (oh, it crashed) - it will be easier to type CTR in dynamic impressions. It is better to refuse requests with a forecast of entering the guarantee above 0.2 - these are commercial requests and the auction will most likely be overheated without us. As already mentioned, from there you can get one-cent traffic - but this gimor is not worth the candle.

    Step 3. We write announcements.

    We drive the combed footcloth from requests to a sample xls file for filling. We gain patience and with the help of copy paste, AutoCorrect, macros, common sense and a plane we plan our ad for each request.

    Rule No. 1 One request - one announcement.

    Rule number 2 If there is no money for high stakes, you must include the request in the header of the ad. Thus, the chances of success are significantly increased - a bold query in the ad text looks much more attractive. And don't ask why. This is how the world works.

    Rule number 3 Do not write silly texts, abandon the idiotic creative. Creative can give you CTR, but it’s unlikely to provide conversion. Write in a simple, understandable, accessible language F.М. Dostoevsky. Re-read "Idiot" eh.

    Rule number 4Ask people logical answers to their requests. Next, in the text of the ad, hint where you can find a reliable answer.

    Rule number 5 Do not be lazy, minus the excess garbage until blue at the campaign level.

    Pour into the account on Yandex.Direct. If the points were not enough - fill in parts. Whether or not to include YAN - decide for yourself, you must know the geographical and time targeting for your site better than the author of the article. When you turn on the YAN, it will be very correct to think about PT (taking into account the interests of users). With a flick of the wrist we send the campaign to moderation and successfully pass it.

    Step 4. Setting and bidding

    The advertising campaign is ready, moderated and launched into swimming. To begin with, we try to work according to the “entrance to the guarantee + 1%” methodology, but no more than 0.03.u. If a good request, the entrance to the guarantee costs 0.05 cu, do not be greedy. As the CTR increases and the threshold for entering the guarantee decreases, we gradually lower the rates. If the CTR is already good, and the entrance to the guarantee is not reduced, we are leaving for the dynamics. With a good CTR, it also lives well there - in rotation we will pop up quite often. Yandex Direct very quickly tells us the correctness of our actions with the help of the minimum cost of a click on the search. If it rose, most likely we made a critical mistake (mistakes) somewhere. If it is concreted at around 0.01– we rejoice, because our street will soon be a holiday.

    Step 5. Enjoy!

    RK started on September 1. Already, the Republic of Kazakhstan, despite its evaluative nature, has reached excellent performance. It’s easy to calculate that the average ROI was 2.73, yesterday it’s 3.12 and this morning every ruble invested in Kazakhstan gave us seven times profit. The amount of traffic is bound to grow. Now about 80% of phrases in the dynamics - the rest are in warranty. Over time, it is expected that all phrases will be guaranteed. The forecast for the amount of traffic is 1000-1500 per day (envy in white).

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