Yandex.Bar 1.0 Beta for Safari

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The line of Yandex.Bar panels has expanded. Today we present a beta version of Yandex.Bar 1.0 for Safari - the most popular browser among “macroweers”. The New Bar offers a convenient search with query tips, shows the number of unread letters, the status of the account in the Yandex.Money system, new messages in My Circle and It also provides quick access to Yandex services, displays information about quotes, weather and traffic jams. The bar for Safari is not tied to the operating system, you can use it on both Mac OS and Windows. The bar is developed on the basis of the Safari Extensions Development Guide and works in Safari version 5.0.1 and higher. The appearance of the bar panel may vary in different operating systems. Install Yandex.Bar 1.0 Beta in Safari .


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