10.62 RC

    It's time to update the stable branch, and today released a new build 10.62. The changes listed below are for comparison with the 10.61 release.

    Since this is a release candidate, the developers ask to let them know if you see regressions from 10.61, and remind you that the missing corrections from 10.70 are not regressions.

    It is also worth noting that assembly numbers for different platforms are different here. Starting at 10.70, single assembly numbers will continue to be used. And since this is a 10.6x branch, there is still a build for PowerPC.


    List of changes

    • CORE-27623 (Fallback not displayed for Java types when plug-ins disabled)
    • CORE-30184 (Selection jumps while backspacing in rich text editor)
    • CORE-31963 (Opera crashes when searching on hotels.com)
    • CORE-32419 (More MIME file types and suffixes for compressed tar files)
    • DSK-300950 (Not clickable / selectable links / text)
    • DSK-307008 (Opera hung when leaving canvas / audio / javascript game)
    • DSK-308559 (hotmail.co.uk should be added to mailproviders.xml)
    • DSK-308722 (FastMail domains missing from mailproviders.xml)
    • DSK-310281 (Missing images in feed preview (media rss))
    • DSK-311008 (Missing plugin dialog might cause a crash)
    • DSK-311558 (Crash after leaving a page with a flash with wmode = "transparent")
    • DSK-311689 (Items disappearing from cache)
    • DSK-311738 (Bodyless documents crash in accessibility mode)
    • Fixed some crashes gathered from the automated crashlogging
    • DSK-305751 (Entering text is very slow on OSX 10.4 Tiger)
    • DSK-311676 (Enable on on demand plugins as default for Mac 10.4 and PPC)
    • DSK-298758 (Drag and drop can hang after a drop (normally on a speed dial page)): additional fix
    • DSK-304220 (Dead keys and cyrillic fail if XMODIFIERS is set but an IME is not used)
    • DSK-307669 (Canceling a widget drag under Openbox crashes the WM causing the user to be logged out)
    • DSK-309799 (Memory leak in * nix geolocation)
    • DSK-304377 (Crash when downloading files in link panel)

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