How eychars of the largest IT companies in Russia select staff

    They say that IT people do not look for work, but choose. Indeed, the demand for IT professionals exceeds supply, and it is extremely difficult to find a worthy candidate for a vacant position. We interviewed eycharov of leading IT companies and most complain that choosing a good specialist is a headache. Only the most resourceful can win the competition for the “head” of another computer genius.

    So, many eychars use social networks, such as and, as well as technical forums and blogs. We look out for young and promising young people at all kinds of industry-specific student olympiads, organize a contest, the winners of which receive not only cash prizes, but also job offers in the company.
    Other eychars are painstakingly working on the basis for creating a network of contacts, include all people who have ever contacted the company, and when a vacancy appears, they first consider the resumes of these candidates. The program “Recommend a friend” is also very popular. Employees willingly recommend their relatives and friends, so gradually the real family dynasties form in the company.

    Recruitment specialists complain that it is sometimes impossible to figure out a resume without a technical dictionary, and IT specialists are clumsy about their experience. At the interview, they lack the skills of self-presentation, they answer all questions very briefly, and an informal interview can lead them into a dead end.

    She talked about how to separate grain from the chaff, selecting the right specialistsAlla Zabrovskaya , Director of Public Relations, Google Russia : “We are very responsible in the selection process, because it is important for us that as a result a team of like-minded people is formed - talented, professional, proactive and not indifferent. We deliberately select people who are able to work in a team, as our engineering offices are scattered around the world, and an employee in the Moscow office can do one project together with his colleagues in Zurich, London or Mountain View in California.
    A candidate runs an average of four to eight interviews. His resume always goes through a series of commissions that carefully study the applicant’s experience and the results of interviews, as well as academic performance and recommendations from both his former employees and our specialists. All decisions at Google are made collectively, including hiring decisions.
    Yes, the whole process takes about a month, but it allows us to choose people who in all respects meet our requirements, and the probability of error is minimized. ”

    At Intel, the selection of personnel is as follows: “When selecting candidates at the initial stage, we pay attention to the knowledge and experience specified in the resume - the more they are described, the more chances the applicant has to be invited for an interview,” saysVasily Komolov, Intel Recruitment Specialist in Russia . - At the same time, not only formal work experience, which, for example, students may simply not have, plays a role, but also any developments and projects in which the applicant had to participate in the university, as part of the training or for himself.
    If the candidate is invited for an interview, then we expect to see confirmation of this knowledge. Intel is committed to “behavioral” interviews , during which we ask the candidate to tell real life examples when the candidate had to use various technologies or solve certain problems. ”

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