Interview with GTUG Russia Leader

    Hi, Habra community!

    Google is gaining more and more popularity every day.
    Many in their work prefer Google technology.
    However, not always one person can fully realize their endeavors and ideas.
    Here you can’t do without a team of like-minded people! Help can be found in GTUG!
    Google Technology User Group is a group of people who are ready to help, share their experience or find partners for implementing projects.
    The GTUG community is huge, around the world there are about 150 groups, their number is constantly growing. Groups have already been created in Russia in Moscow , St. Petersburg , and the increasing activity of these groups is prompting other cities to create new GTUGs.
    At the end of summerGTUG-Russia held several events in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
    We visited one of them and interviewed Arkady Khachkovanyan, head of the Google Technology User Group in Russia .

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