MTS and Vkontakte launch a free version of the site

    Following Facebook in Russia , free access to the site appears.

    The telecommunications operator MTS and the social network VKontakte announced the opening of free access to their mobile portal for their users from September 1, which allows them to communicate for free with their friends on the VKontakte social network.

    The portal is optimized for fast page loading via a mobile connection - this is a faster and easier version of the mobile site.

    Portal allows you to use all the features of the mobile version, but it does not display graphics, photos and video files, so the speed of access to the resource increases significantly.

    Access to the content posted on the user's pages can be obtained by clicking on a special link, while the user is notified that he leaves the site and, accordingly, the free tariff zone. When viewing content and following links to other resources, data transfer is paid according to the subscriber’s tariff.

    To use the service, the subscriber needs to dial one of the addresses in the browser line of his phone: or

    Free access to is possible only in the "home" region of the subscriber and in intranet roaming. Free access is not supported for Opera Mini and similar browsers that use traffic compression, as well as for subscribers who have activated the static IP address service. At the same time, it remains possible to use the standard version of VKontakte for mobile devices on the site with payment for traffic in accordance with the terms of the subscriber's tariff.

    UPD: A free promotional offer is available to MTS subscribers until October 1, 2010.

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