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Yandex Schedules are trying for the first time in a new direction for themselves - mobile applications. Today we bring you the Electric Train mobile app for iPhone.

The main functionality of the application coincides with the basic capabilities of the Yandex. Schedule service: you can see the current train schedule with all cancellations and changes in your region, using both the search and the station schedule. At the moment, the application works for 25 regions of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Lithuania. As soon as a new region is launched on Yandex Schedules, the data for it will immediately appear in the mobile application.

At the same time, there are functions that we implemented for the first time. For example, having saved the route in the Favorites, you can see the departure time of the nearest train in your direction with one click. Also, the phone itself will tell you the station closest to you, at which electric trains stop.

You can download the application at

The application was created by Yandex together with the St. Petersburg company Inru.

We also want to note separately that we really need impressions from users of the new application. This may affect further policy in the development of parts of the Yandex. Schedule service in mobile applications. What do you need more: trains for other mobile platforms or, say, applications for airport displays? Feel free to write about this in the " Feedback " section of the Yandex. Schedule service.

Yandex Schedule Team


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