iPhone client for Google Tasks

    The extremely simple and minimalistic Google Tasks service is popular among those who do not need large (and sometimes interfering) functionality. It is conveniently integrated with Gmail and it is very convenient to use it from a browser. But, admittedly, the mobile interface is not so convenient and does not cause a feeling that it is something close and dear.

    I present to you the iPhone client for Google Tasks.

    Key features:
    • Support for Google and Google Apps accounts
    • Work in the absence of access to the Internet
    • Editing tasks without leaving the list
    • Changing the position of tasks in the hierarchy (drag to change location, swipe to change indent)
    • Securely exchange data with Google via the HTTPS encrypted channel
    • Ability to customize the view of the task list
    • Ability to select actions performed by single / double clicking on a task

    The application is absolutely free, no hidden advertising.
    Download from the App Store.

    UPD Under version 3.1, it was poorly tested, there were several very annoying errors. I promise to improve.

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