Some statistics on e-books

    E-book sales have long been one of the criteria for assessing the mobility of the economy: each purchase of such a book or gadget is followed by a potential consumer of new media of

    14 million readers, analysts predict that it will be sold worldwide in 2013.

    The largest American online store Amazon offers its customers 630 thousand paid and 1.8 million free e-books.

    143 e-books are available for every 100 hardcover paper books sold in America.

    E-books are delivered to 140 countries today.

    750 million euros were allocated for digitization of libraries, music and film archives and other repositories by French President Nicola Sarkozy, heading for the elimination of the nation’s electronic cultural gap.

    The cost of e-books from popular manufacturers Barnes & Noble and Amazon over the past two months has decreased by $ 40-70 (30%).

    20% of European readers last year stopped buying paper books, switching to reading electronic publications.

    Sales of e-books in the world last year increased by 176% and reached $ 313 million.

    Sources: British analytical company Informa Telecoms & Media (ITM), The Book Industry Study Group ( link )

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